Saturday, February 19, 2011


The fact that I'm being kicked in the head by serotonin-seizing bullies doesn't mean that I'm not fascinated by what's going on in the Middle East.
As usual, Firedoglake has the best round-up. The headline is about Bahrain, but the post goes on to cover Libya, Jordan and Yemen. And Iraq.
Who knew that the people were so miserable in Bahrain? This ignorant Americano thought that it was one of the oil countries' wealthy happy places.
Who (amongst the Americanos) could have imagined that there would be a popular non-violent uprising in Libya? I would have thought that The Colonel kept the grip too tight for such a being to breathe.
And Iraq. A Million-Orphan March on Baghdad. This is going way out on the theoretical limb, but what a thing it would have been had it happened under Saddam, rather than Bush&Obama (my stomach still turns at the thought of joining them with a slash rather than an ampersand). 

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