Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Again, Firedoglake.
In a meeting Sunday at the presidential palace in Kabul to investigate reports of multiple civilian deaths in a US operation in Konar province, General David Petraeus deeply offended those present when he suggested that Afghan civilians had deliberately burned their children in an effort to blame US attacks for their injuries. Rear Admiral Gregory J. Smith, the top military spokesperson in Kabul, then provided a statement to the Washington Post suggesting that the burns were inflicted on the children as punishment....
...the injuries included “burns and shrapnel wounds”. Is Smith next going to claim that in addition to burning their children, the Afghans are exploding bombs next to them so that they have shrapnel wounds?
Washington Post originated the story. No coverage in the NY Times, as of this posting. Next biggest MSM covering is Newsday. Faux News is only reporting the denial of the allegations in the WP story. Good lord, it almost makes you wish there were photos like this coming out of Afghanistan.

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